Uncharted Seas

Posted by Robert Stokes on September 30, 2010 at 5:43 AM

Posted by Rob Nott  on the Clubs Yahoo Group:


Confirmation that Orc's are rubbish sailors has been recieved following thew poor performance of Rob and Andy's Orc raiders against Brian's Shroud Mages. Perhaps it had something to do with Andy 'Where have all my ships gone' tactics of ramming larger enemy ships with smaller ones without trying to kill some crew first. As it was several ships managed to kill each other and the Orc's didn't come off too badly - we lost by 3 Frigates.

Rules nice and simple and very bloody. Mr Judd has already vowed to get a Dwarf fleet, as has Mr swift and I'm sure that Ian can be bullied, sorry, persuaded, to get some undead.

Mr Smith even put on his glasses to have a closer look....


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Reply WereDoomed2003
3:54 AM on October 22, 2010 
Having failed on the water my Orcs have since tried to conquer the lands instead. Unfortunately Orcs are not very good with machinery and after a couple of dismal attempts to get their M113 started their wizard tried to hot wire it and it broke! Orc commanders are rubbish - I have instigated a rule that if a goblin commander fails three times in row he becomes rations. Another thing the Orcs didn't like was the fact that as the enemy were Undead they started to come back...... Only one way to go - up ! But I did read something about a vomit comet and the reason why a helicopter is called a Huey ???
Reply Andy J
10:29 AM on October 29, 2010 
Having decided to change my allegiances from Orcs that can't swim to Dwarves in Ironclads I have had more success with my natural gaming style (If its stationary, ram it - if its moving, ram it till it stops, then ram it some more !) and did end up scaring Robs Shroud Mages.

This simple set of rules works very well and guarantees a high smile per pound return on the investment. Now where is my Blimp ?

Andy J