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For those of you brave enough to face the expected cold weather we will be linking our game to this theme with a Blitzkreig Commander 'Winter War' game of Fins v Russians.

Also wanted post that I'm aware that several new members have joined the club recently and I wanted firstly to say WELCOME. It's always great to get new people at the club, with new ideas, different figures (and then get them to spend loads of money on new ones.......)

We've been really busy with games these last few weeks and I haven't had a real chance to find out what you guys are interested in, what figures you have etc, and more importantly what you want to play ! So I would love to know (I'm aware of some nasty 10mm Japs on the horizon that my Ruskies will have to face and an awful lot of 6mm also seem to be coming our way !)

Can you email me and let me know what you want to play etc and I can hopefully let you know who has what! [email protected]

Also I'll give Ian / Lon your details and he can add you to the club Yahoo Group (if he hasn't already done so) where we do most of our name calling !



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phill leathley
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I  have been playing boardgame's for the last five years untill i found dropzone commander.But after playing two games of Blitzkreigcommander i find my self hooked (again). But it will be the newyear till i have any forces of my own, looking at  british.

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phill leathley
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Just a quick note for ken, i have just put in my first order for the DAK.

So i hope to have them ready for the next game in 2 weeks, it would be nice for the axis to have some rapid response units.

Panzergrenadier Platoon

I  will try to have the command platoon ready as well. The transports will have to wait though.

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