Black Powder

John has recently bought a copy of these new rules by Rick Preistly.  We tried them for a Malburian period game at the club.  The general consesus was that they were ideal for a club night as they are fast and furious.  Nigel and Rob gave them a thumbs up.  Mick is not yet convinced but with sufficient bullying we are confident of winning him round.

Hail Caesar!

!We haven't actually tried this yet so will be having an experimental try out in the next few weeks.  The rules are based on the Black Powder Rules so should be relatively easy to pick up and play on a club night.



A rule set developed in Italy for Dadi and PIombo, (italian for dice and lead)

Covers period from Ancient through to Renaissance. Can be played for 6mm, 15mm and 28mm scale.    A free basic version of the rules is available for download at the Impetus Website.

Bliztgrieg and Cold War Commander

WWII and (you guessed it) Cold War Rule set. 

We found a list of every unit in the Warsaw Pact and Nato Forces for the Summer of 1989, and for some reason started to try and buy every unit. So far we have about five Divisions per side.




There is a dark sail on the horizon! ....  Which is probably Rob's skivvies hanging out to dry but could also be a Shadow Mage fleet!

These rules seem to be causing a stir and from the talk on the Yahoo group have triggered some kind of arms race!

Warmaster Ancients

We, as all wargamers across the world, are weak willed, and have fallen under the influence of Mr Peter Berry, perveyor of fine 6mm figures under the https://www.baccus6mm.com/ banner. To this end we have a ongoing mini campaign with about eight members, each using a differnt ancient army, from Egyptian to War of the Roses.

Check Your 6

WWII amd modern ariel combut using 1/600th aircraft (Tumbling Dice) including a couple of display games that have or are about to hit the shows.

Age of Eagles

Grand Tactical Napoleonic using 10mm but can be used with 6mm or 15mm.